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Taster Wine A/S

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The Group

Today Taster Wine A/S is one of the largest Danish concerns within the wine and spirits industry. We supply to all kind of customer in Denmark from our warehouse: chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, discount chains, special shops, hotels and restaurants as well as to the duty free/travel retail sector and the export markets.

Today the group is managed by the two sons Fritz and Ole Paustian together with members of the third generation ensuring the continuation of the dynamic and creative qualities. The skillful management has transferred the legacy they inherited into one of Denmark’s largest independent and privately owned wine and spirit companies.

4 independent sales divisions

The Taster Wine Group consists of 4 independent units:

Taster Wine A/S - nationwide wine distributor providing chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, discount chains, special shops as well as duty-free/travel retail and export markets.

A/S Skjold Burne - is the eldest and largest chain of wine shops in Denmark. Skjold Burne has its own assortment of wine and spirits sold at competitive prices with skilled counseling and service.

Oskar Davidsen & Co. - is an independent division specialized in the service of hotels, restaurants and catering. With the skilled sales force and the tailor-made assortment Oskar Davidsen & Co. is a nationwide full service wine distributor and among the leading companies in the business.

Taster Wine Vertriebs GmbH - is the subsidiary in Harrislee, south of the Danish German border. Taster Wine Vertriebs GmbH serves the border business and northern Germany through its own warehouse and logistics.

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The group operates from two locations

Head Office:
Ringager 6 - 2605 Broendby

Sales and Distribution Germany:
Glyngöre 6 A, Harrislee - Germany

The group operates from two locations; its headquarters strategically situated in Broendby, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, and a German company located just south of the Danish/German border, to facilitate distribution to the border shops and the north German market.