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Taster Wine A/S

Nationwide wine distributor providing chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, discount chains, special shops as well as duty-free/travel retail and export markets.

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A/S Skjold Burne

Skjold Burne is chain of fine wine shops, strive to supply wine and spirits to the Danish consumers through a nationwide network of shops. With its large exclusive assortment of wines and spirits from all over the world, sold at competitive prices, Skjold Burne provides great wine experiences, through passion, professional guidance and a high level of service and personal contact to the consumers.

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Oskar Davidsen & Co.

Oskar Davidsen & Co., founded in 1888 and bought by Taster Wine in 1960, specializes in supplying wine and spirits to the Danish Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector.

With a professional sales team dedicated to the on-trade market and a large exclusive assortment of wine and spirits from all over the world, Oskar Davidsen & Co. is a nationwide full-service wholesaler. Oskar Davidsen & Co. strive to provide knowledge based personal service, securing the customers a professional partner in choosing wine and spirits for their wine lists.

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Taster Wine Vertriebs GmbH

The Taster Wine division sells a large number of products from all over the world nationwide from its own warehouse, to a wide variety of chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, specialized shops, Duty Free operators and export markets, in short the entire offtrade market.

The extensive border trade between Denmark and Germany is serviced by Taster Wine Harrislee-Flensburg securing that Taster Wine is represented in all relevant wine outlets on this market.