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IFS (International Food standard)

The top level standard within the wine trade

Taster Wine A/S is IFS-certified (International Food Standard) at "Higher Level",which means that our bottling of wine, production and bottling of fruit wine and spirits comply with the top level standard in this field. To our knowledge we were the first Danish wine company with an IFS-certificate.

Bureau Veritas has carried out the certification. Bureau Veritas has the greatest expert knowledge in this field - viz. bottling of wine, production and bottling of fruit wine and spirits.

International Food Standard - HIGHER LEVEL

The IFS-certification means that we meet the requirements made to their suppliers by a number of international supermarket chains - such as Metro, Aldi, Tengelmann, Lidl, Spar in Germany, Coop in Switzerland and Carrefour in France. With an IFS-certificate we can supply supermarket chains all over Europe.

An IFS-certificate is the guaranty to the consumers and the retail trade of the fulfilment of all requirements for food safety. It is important to be abreast of developments, even within the wine trade which - to the mind of many Danes - is considered a romantic trade. The requirements for food safety are constantly tightened up. This is the reason why we got our IFS-certification.

Current Control and Improvements

An essential difference to the more well-known ISO-certifications is that the IFS-certification body is not satisfied when a certain standard has been achieved. Through the HACCP-system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) an improvement and an own control of procedures including a risk assessment are constantly ensured. The purpose of the system is simply to train and record procedures for each individual working process. Deviations are recorded and will currently be evaluated in order to eradicate errors and to improve the working processes further. In other words, we have not passed an examination to lean back - but we have committed ourselves to live up to and to constantly develop a quality standard in all processes.

For the Advantage of Customers and Consumers

Through our internal quality control system we can meet the requirements from the authorities, our customers and ourselves to the process and the product standard. Several Danish supermarket chains are turning an increasing attention to the value of the IFS-certificate which is the visible proof of a high and constantly controlled food standard which is in the interest of all. The fact that the individual chain does not need a control system of its own as regards IFS-certified companies is of course an advantage.

Consumer Safety

Last but not least, it causes the number of errors and defects being limited to a minimum whichgive the highest consumer safety.Both the supermarket chains and their suppliers know that having a high consumer safety will create a good image and be value for money.

Taster Wines IFS-certification