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Taster Wine A/S

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The Group

Today Taster Wine A/S is one of the largest Danish concerns within the wine and spirits industry. We supply wine and spirits to all segments in the Danish market that resell to the consumers. The head office, warehouse and production are located in Brøndby, a suburb to Copenhagen.

The warehouse is approx. 13,000 m2 with a capacity of 5 million bottles. We supply to all kind of customer in Denmark from our warehouse: chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, discount chains, special shops, hotels and restaurants as well as to the duty free/travel retail sector and the export markets.

4 independent divisions

The Taster Wine Group consists of 4 independent units:

Taster Wine A/S - nationwide wine distributor providing chain stores, supermarkets, grocers, discount chains, special shops as well as duty-free/travel retail and export markets.

A/S Skjold Burne - is the eldest and largest chain of wine shops in Denmark. Skjold Burne has its own assortment of wine and spirits sold at competitive prices with skilled counseling and service.

Oskar Davidsen & Co. - is an independent division specialized in the service of hotels, restaurants and catering. With the skilled sales force and the tailor-made assortment Oskar Davidsen & Co. is a nationwide full service wine distributor and among the leading companies in the business.

Taster Wine Vertriebs GmbH - is the subsidiary in Harrislee, south of the Danish German border. Taster Wine Vertriebs GmbH serves the border business and northern Germany through its own warehouse and logistics.

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The group operates from two locations

Head Office:
Ringager 6 - 2605 Broendby

Sales and Distribution Germany:
Glyngöre 6 A, Harrislee - Germany

Today Taster Wine A/S operates nationwide, distributing wines and spirits to all segments of the market, where it is retailed to the consumers. The group operates from two locations; its headquarters strategically situated in Broendby, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, and a German company located just south of the Danish/German border, to facilitate distribution to the border shops and the north German market.

Bottling Plant

Taster Wine A/S purchase wine and spirits worldwide and import wine in bottles as well as in bulk. We have a tank capacity of more than 3 million liters ready for filling on our own filling line.

We have a large production and filling of wine, fruit wine, liqueur, and spirits in both bottle and bag-in-box. We have six filling lines, three for bottles and three for bag-in-box with a total capacity of more than 20000 liters per hour.

Thanks to optimal purchase, effective production, own designs and a strong sales and marketing work we have built up a range of strong brands of wine and spirits. One of the most sold series of wine is, in fact, filled by Taster Wine A/S. Furthermore we have a number of spirit products sold on the Danish market and to a number of export markets. Furthermore we have a comprehensive production and filling of spirits under private labels and with our flexible filling line we can service almost any customer regardless of volume.

We also supply a range of wine and spirit products in bulk for the food industry in Denmark as well as abroad.

Our own laboratory and cellar men make a continuous quality control. We hold an IFS certification (International Food Standard) which means that our filling and production are made with the highest standard on the market.

Thanks to our high demands for quality and our efficient filling line we have been able to build up an increasing export of wine and alcohol for customers in our neighboring countries. Furthermore, we fill wines for some oversea suppliers in bag-in-box for parts of Northern Europe. This secures the longest possible shelf life for the products.


Taster Wine A/S has its own highly modern and IFS certified (International Food Standard) bottling plant where wine and spirits from all over the world are being bottled.

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Taster Wine A/S has its own highly modern and IFS certified (International Food Standard) bottling plant where wine and spirits from all over the world are being bottled. We have a highly qualified team of cellarmen. In colla-boration with our laboratory they perform quality controls of the production, bottling and the imported bottles. This control system and the IFS certification ensure that we, at anytime, can meet the highest standards in the area.

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Food Control

In Denmark the companies are responsible for the standard of the food. Therefore, the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration performs control visits at all companies that sell, produce and import both food and beverages for the purpose of reselling the goods. Taster Wine A/S has great focus on quality and we take pride in complying with the regulations of the law on food and beverages, to ensure that we at any time deliver products of high quality to our customers.

Smiley Report - from the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration

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 Head office

 Wine merchant  Fritz Paustian
 Wine merchant  Ole Paustian
 Economy Director  Ole von Wowern
 Sales Director - HORECA  Xavier Gras
 National Sales Manager  Bo Halstrøm
 Export Manager  Daniel Løvkvist
 Chain Manager Skjold Burne  Michael Sørensen
 Marketing Manager  Mari-Louise Paustian
 Customer Accountant  Knud Andersen
 Executive Assistent  Ted Paustian
 Cellar Master & Production Manager 
 Bo Paustian